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The tab-separated values tsv file format is similar to the csv (Comma Separated Values) file format. The main difference is that values are separated by a tab instead of a comma.

Both csv and tsv files often have a header row with column names at the top of the file. Then there are rows with one value for each of the columns.

The TSV converter can convert your tsv files into JSON, CSV, or Parquet.

When to use TSV

CSV and tsv files are both useful for storing tabular data. There are a lot of applications that can open and edit them on your computer.

The main drawback of csv and tsv files is that they do not compress very efficiently. To store tabular data efficiently you can use the Parquet file format. The tsv to parquet converter can convert your tsv file into a parquet file. The main drawback of parquet files is that not many applications can open and read them.

How To Convert TSV files to Another File Format

  1. Pick the format you would like to convert your tsv file to at the top of the page
  2. Upload tsv file to the tsv converter
  3. TSV conversion will happen automatically and your converted file will download

How to Open a TSV File

TSV files can be opened with most text editing applications. They can also be opened for data analysis using microsoft excel or by uploading to your datasets. Uploading your tsv files to microsoft excel might cause them to be converted into xls files.