Convert TSV To JSON

Javascript object notation (JSON) is a file format that has a lot of braces ({ }). It is often used in web application development because it works nicely with the Javascript programming language.

Some applications will use JSON to store data. This data is usually not meant to be used by end users.

When to Use JSON

Javascript object notation (JSON) is a useful data format for building web applications. It is easy to work with when writing javascript.

Most text editors can open JSON files and let you read and edit them. There are not many data analysis apps that let you import JSON. You can analyze JSON data by uploading your file to your datasets.

If you already have json data, you can use the json converter to convert to other formats. The json to tsv converter will convert your json data into a tsv file.

When to Use TSV

TSV files are useful for storing tabular data. Some data analysis apps like excel can use them as inputs without too much hassle. One tsv row becomes one row in excel.

TSV files can also be easier to read in text editors than json files. Sometimes they might convert tabs to spaces though. so if you save changes your tsv file might not work with other applications.

If you want to convert your data to tsv then you can use one of the other converters.

How to Convert TSV to JSON online

  1. Upload your tsv file using the input at the top of the page

  2. Your tsv data will be converted and a json file will start downloading automatically.