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Area graphs are useful for showing relationships between numeric variables. They are similar to line charts, but the area under the line has a solid fill.

Area graph showing miles per gallon fuel consumption for cars in the mtcars data set.

When To Use an Area Graph

An area chart can be used in similar situations to a line chart or spline graph. They are useful for showing the relationship between numeric variables.

Area graphs are useful for presentations. The solid fill means that it is easier to see from a distance than a line graph.

Stacked Area Chart

A stacked area chart can be used instead of an area chart when there is more than one quantitative data series.

In stacked area charts the two series stack on top of each other. This is useful when the two data series are additive.

For example, a stacked area chart would be useful for plotting the reasons why different customers canceled their subscriptions.

Stacked area charts and pie charts can be used to view the part to whole relationships of a data set. Each vertical slice of data on the x axis shows the part to whole relationship of a data set, which can also be viewed with a pie chart.

This tool can be used to make an area chart. If you would like a feature added to make a stacked area chart then please click the feedback button.

How To Make an Area Graph

  1. Upload your dataset

    Click the dataset input at the top of the page. Or drag and drop your dataset into the input box.

  2. Select the column for the horizontal x-axis

    The value on the x-axis should be independant of the value on the y-axis. Pick a value for the x-axis that is not affected by the value you will use on the y-axis

  3. Select the column for the vertical y-axis

    Pick a value for the y-axis that depends on the value for the x-axis. This will help you see how the x values influence the y values

  4. Download your area graph

    Click the download button on the graph to download an image of your area graph