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Fit y = ax³ + bx² + cx + d line using this calculator

You can also perform cubic regression using the quadratic regression calculator by setting order = 3.

How to Perform Cubic Regression

  1. Upload your data using the dataset upload tool at the top of the page

  2. Select the independent variable (x) and the independent variable (y)

  3. View the regression model fit.

  4. Click download to download an image of the fit.

What is Cubic Regression

Cubic regression is used to fit cubic line of best fit to import data. it is very useful when your input data looks like a cubic function.

You can also perform cubic regression using quadratic regression and an order of 3.

Why Do We Use Cubic Regression

Progression is very useful when the input data looks like a third-order polynomial. We can use cubic regression to find a third order line of best fit to the input data. The cubic regression alcohol or give us the regression coefficients for each Cube x squared x and the constant offset.

How Many Curves do Cubic Regression Models Have

Cubic regression models typically have two curves. If one or more of the coefficients is very close to 0 then the cubic regression model may appear to have fewer curves.

Cubic Regression Equation (Cubic Regression Model)

The cubic regression calculator fits a cubic equation to the input data

Cubic regression equation

Where y is the response variable and x is the predictor variable. 

Cubic regression is a special case of multiple linear regression. The line of best fit is a non-linear cubic function. But the cubic regression equation is linear with respect to the coefficients a, b, c, and d.