Convert TSV To Parquet

TSV and Parquet formats are both used to store tabular data.

What is the TSV File Format

Tab separated values (TSV) is a data format used to store tabular data. Data is stored in rows and the values in each row are separated by tabs in a text file.

The contents of TSV and CSV files are similar. The main difference is that a CSV file format uses commas to separate values instead of tabs.

When to Use the TSV File Format

TSV file format is useful because a lot of applications can open and edit it.

The TSV file format does not compress very well. This means that it is not always well-suited to data processing.

What is the Parquet File Format

Apache Parquet files store tabular data as columns and compress it to binary format.

A Parquet file will typically start with metadata that details the columns and ranges of values in the file. This metadata can be used by data applications to speed up processing.

When to Use Parquet Format

Parquet files compress well. This makes them well-suited for use with data processing applications.

Not many applications can open and edit a Parquet file. This makes Parquet difficult to work with outside of data processing systems.

How to Use the TSV to Parquet Converter

  1. Upload your TSV file using the input box at the top of the page

  2. Your TSV file will be converted to a Parquet file

  3. Click download to get your Parquet file