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Sometimes we have data in a file but the format is just wrong

Use this data format converter to convert the data in your file to the format that you need. This handles many different kinds of data like csvtsv, JSON, parquet, and Apache Arrow.

How to Use the Data Format Converter

  1. Select the input format from the top of the page

  2. Select the output format from the top of the page

  3. Input your data

  4. Click download

  5. If you want to convert another data set, click change data.

Convert CSV Data

This data format converter will convert your CSV data into JSON, CSV, or parquet formats. It can also convert your CSV, JSON, or parquet data into CSV.

CSV data is very useful because it can be used with many different software programs. It is also very easy to view CSV data on your computer

But sometimes our data is not in CSV format. For example, we might be analyzing data and the data might be stored as a parquet file or a JSON file. When we need a CSV file we can convert the parquet, or JSON data into a CSV file format and then open that CSV file on a computer to view it change it, or even put it into a spreadsheet.

Convert Parquet Data

The starter format converter can convert your parquet data to other file formats like CSV, TSV, or JSON. It can also convert your CSV, TSV or JSON data into parquet data

The Parquet format is very useful for storing data efficiently. Parquet stores tabular data in a columnar format which means that it can be compressed well and can also easily be used with a data processing system. For example, if we had lots of CSV data we might want to convert that to a parquet file to compress and store it for user data analysis.

Parquet files can be difficult to deal with because not many software programs can open them. For example, text editors cannot open a parquet file to show you the contents but they can open a CSV file to show you the contents and let you edit it.

The parquet file converter is very useful for converting parquet files into a format that is more easily used by your computer software. This converter is also useful for converting our CSV or JSON data into parquet files so that they can be used with data processing systems.  

Convert JSON Data

The JSON format converter can convert your JSON data into parquet, TSV, or CSV. It can also your TSV, CSV or parquet data into the JSON data format.

JSON data is very useful to use with web applications. This is because most web applications use the JSON file format because it closely matches the internal object structure of JavaScript objects. JSON data is also very easy to view and edit with text editors on your computer. You can easily open a JSON file with your text editor viewer and maybe format it.

JSON data is not very easy to analyze in data processing systems. If we have a big file of JSON data we might want to convert it to CSV or parquet before we can analyze it. Once it is in parquet format we can perform statistical tests and make graphs using the graph maker.

Convert TSV Data

The TSV data format converter can convert your TSV data into JSON, csv or parquet. It can also convert your JSON, csv or parquet data into the tsv data format.

Tsv data can easily be edited with a text editor on your computer. It is very similar to CSV data except instead of commas, tabs are used to separate the values.

Tsv data is not as common as CSV data. CSV data format is usually more useful than the tsv data format. 

Both csv and tsv data formats do not compress very well. If you need to store a big csv or tsv file, it might be better to convert the file into the Parquet format before storing it.


This data format converter can be used to convert the data in your files to a number of different formats.

Some data formats are useful for data processing, while other formats are more easily used by software on your computer. For example, you might need to use CSV data with the software on your computer, but you might need to use parquet file format for analyzing that data or storing it efficiently.

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