Convert Parquet To CSV

Parquet is an efficient file format used by a lot of data processing frameworks. But it cannot easily be used on personal computers because there are not many programs to interpret them.

A CSV file is often more useful than a Parquet file because it is easily understood by a lot of applications. Data stored in a CSV file does not compress very efficiently, so it is not as useful for storing large datasets.

Use this tool to convert a Parquet file to a CSV file.

How to Convert Parquet to CSV

  1. Upload your Parquet file with a .parquet extension

    Use the input box at the top of the page. The file must end with .parquet

  2. Your CSV will download automatically

    A CSV version of your file will start getting downloaded

When to Use a CSV File Instead of a Parquet File

Parquet is a columnar file format for storing tabular data. It compresses well, which makes Parquet files good for storing tabular data in data storage.

Many data processing systems use the Parquet file format because it has efficient data compression and can be easily converted to the Apache Arrow data format.

CSV files are easily read by computer and text editors. This makes the CSV format useful for uploading to other systems. CSV data does not compress well, so it is not as useful as Parquet files for putting into data storage.

A CSV file is more useful than a Parquet file when you need to upload data to different systems or applications.

Parquet files are more useful than CSV files when you need to compress and store data.

You can convert Parquet to CSV using the Parquet to CSV converter at the top of this page.