Convert CSV To Parquet

Parquet files and CSV files are both used for storing tabular data. A parquet file or a csv file will usually hold one table of data.

This tool can convert csv files to parquet file format. You can use the parquet to csv converter to convert parquet to csv. Or the csv file converter to convert a csv file to other data types.

When to Convert CSV to Parquet

A Parquet file can be good for storing data on disk. A CSV file can be useful when you need to upload data to an application.

Parquet files are useful for storing data because they have good compression on disk, so they have a small file size. One downside of Parquet files is that they store data in the apache parquet format and cannot be read by many applications.

Apache Parquet files also convert nicely to the apache arrow data format which is useful for columnar analytics. big data sets can be stored in multiple parquet files.

A CSV file can be opened by a lot of different applications, but they do not have very good compression on disk. This means that data stored in the csv file format usually takes up more disk space than the same data stored in parquet files.

Sometimes it can be useful to store data in parquet files and then convert parquet to csv when the data is needed in an application.

How To Convert CSV to Parquet

  1. Upload your csv data using the input at the top of the page. This tool can read csv files from your computer.

    The tool will convert csv to parquet

  2. Click Download to download all the data in parquet file format.

    This tool only creates one parquet file, it does not have support for saving data to multiple parquet files.